Arpeggio MPE

Arpeggio MPE

- Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Telephone:+591 3 3231066

Arpeggio - Music for events is an original and impactful proposal that combines the elegance and expressiveness of the best themes of all ages from the "Classic", "Pop" and "Rock" with the classical formation of string quartet , The popular conformation or the conformation that you want, thus arriving to surprise very especially the contrast that produces when interpreting modern subjects. From Antonio Vivaldi, The Beatles to The Killers, to Metallica, Maroon 5 or The Rolling Stones. Beyond having good versions of the best songs, it is a group that is distinguished by its fun character and its power.

Why not give a surprising and original touch to your event?

We are ready for any event.

Post: What do you expect, call us and make your reservation.


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